At Ridgewood Standard Poodles, I work to support my poodles.

I do not raise standard poodles to support myself.



I credit my husband, Michael for introducing me to Poodles.    Michael grew up with an oversized black mini named "Mitzi" that he adored.    I grew up in an apartment and was unable to own a dog while living in an apartment.  Michael and I got married in October of 1980 and  purchased our first home in 1981.     One week after moving in, Nicky  joined our family, starting what has become my love affair with Standard Poodles.    I do not have any human children, but my poodles are my babies!



I started out in the Obedience ring, and together Nicky and I earned a CD, finishing with a 4th high in trial at the International Kennel Club weekend of shows in Chicago Illinois in 1985.    I trained Nicky through Open work, but by that time I had started showing in the conformation ring, and frequently the competition in the breed ring would conflict with the obedience ring, and I chose to continue in the breed ring.


When I first started out in the conformation ring, I learning by observing and reading many books.   It provided a valuable learning experience. . .



 . . . but my real education began when I was invited to work for a professional handler.




My kennel name is Ridgewood, but I do not own a kennel.   It is just the name prefix for the dogs that I breed.   My dogs are all members of my home and family, and breeding is strictly secondary to their health and well being. 


Presently, I share my home with several Standard Poodles.   

Vincent is a champion who has been shown in North America, South America and Europe.     I am currently working with him in various aspects of performance events.   He already has his CD title as well as being Temperament Tested.   I am proud to say that Vincent completed his Rally Novice title at the grand age of 11 1/2 years of age! 



Cricket is a half-sister to Vincent.   She is an AKC champion and is retired from the show ring.    She has retired after giving me 3 WONDERFUL litters of puppies.  Cricket moved to Brazil, and sadly, she has passed away after contracting a tick-borne disease, Babesiosis.   



Electra is from Cricket's first litter.    Electra had a very exciting Specials career.    She has received an invitation to the AKC Invitational Show 2 consecutive years, and was a very exciting and fun girl to show.  She now lives with a very special young lady near Tampa Florida.



Twinkle returned from Brazil to compete at the January 2006 AKC Invitational Show, after a STELLAR career in Brazil.   And she did not disappoint on home territory either.    She won BOS to BOV at the  Invitational and then went on to win 3 FIVE point majors to complete her championship the following week.

Twinkle's exciting career has earned her an invitation to the AKC Invitational Show for 2006, 2007 AND 2008.




HOOTIE  is currently showing in Argentina, after finishing his championship in the U.S. out of the Bred-By-Exhibitor class.    Hootie has been invited to The AKC Invitational in 2007 and 2008.




GEORGE   also finished his championship from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class, earning a group placement along the way.  A real international youngster, George's first show at 7 months of age was in Mexico City for the World Show in May of 2007.   George has also earned an invitation to the AKC Invitational Show for 2008.




It is more important to me that my dogs enjoy a wonderful home life FIRST.   If they have a successful show career, that is wonderful, but my focus is on the complete Poodle.



I do not breed often, and I do not see a need to produce several litters of puppies every year.   I only breed when I wish to keep something for myself to continue my lines and allow me to have something to work with in various venues available to pure-bred dogs.    



Currently, Ridgewood Standard Poodles only are available in black and white.  I have worked with and shown silvers, apricots, reds and browns for friends and clients over the years, in all three varieties, but I prefer to breed just the two colors in the Standard variety only.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago with my family, however, following the death of my husband in 1994, I relocated to a small town on the southwest side of Atlanta Georgia in 1995.     


I am a member of The Great Lakes Poodle Club of Chicago, and the Newnan Kennel Club, here in Georgia.



I have one other passion in life, and that is my scuba diving.    I was first certified to dive in the mid 1980's, and have continued my education and experience ever since.    I am certified as a technical diver and a cave diver.   I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel, and have enjoyed diving in places as diverse as the caves in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to the shark filled waters of Tahiti.



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