Ch. CanTif's Being A Star At Ridgewood

born:  January 19, 2009


(click on picture for larger view)


First Major - not even 9 months old !


OFA -  Good

Elbows - Normal

NEw/S - DNA Clear

DM - DNA Clear

vWD - DNA Clear

SA - Normal

Thyroid Function - Normal

CERF - Normal




      Ch. CanTif's Glow For Broke
    Multi Ch. Ridgewood Starry Starry Nite, CD, RN, TT, CGC
      Ch. CanTif's This One's For Keeps
  Multi Ch. Ridgewood's Shining Star, BN, CD, RN, RA, CGC 
      Ch. RoJean's Love Affair
    Ch. Ridgewood's Starlight Express
      Ch. Ridgewood's Wish Upon A Star, TT
Ch. CanTif's Being A Star At Ridgewood  
      Ch. King's Champagne Taste
    Ch. DRK Secret Hearts A Blazen
      Ch. CanTif's Lite My Fire
  Ch. CanTif's Got To Be Me  
      Ch. Degana Cole Porter
    Ch. CanTif's Got My Eye On You
      Ch. CanTif's Eye Of The Storm II










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