If flea protection is necessary, I recommend Advantage, NOT Frontline. Advantage is a topical solution that is applied between the shoulder blades and mixes with the natural oils found on your puppy's skin.  It provides up to 4 weeks of protection, however in the event of a severe flea infestation, it may be reapplied again in 3 weeks.   If the dog is bathed, most of the treatment will wash away.

Frontline is different.   Frontline is applied in the same manner, however it resides within the sebaceous glands.  Because of this, the dog may be washed, and still have protection against fleas.  Frontline also protects against ticks.   However, you MUST NOT re-apply Frontline any more frequently than every 30 days.

The only time I recommend Frontline, is if you will be in an area that is known for it's tick infestation.  One application of Frontline will provide 30 days of protection against fleas and ticks.  That should be sufficient for most outdoor adventures.  After returning home, and further flea protection is desired, resume treatments with Advantage AFTER the 30 days have elapsed since the Frontline application.  Please make sure that Frontline is NOT applied any more frequently than 30 days.

Several other products advertise that they provide superior protection against fleas & ticks, however, the fleas must take a blood meal before receiving a lethal dose of drugs.  Topical flea protection (Advantage) works before the fleas bite.




Please follow your vet's recommendations for monthly heartworm protection/prevention, with the exception of products called Revolution and ProHeart 6 (the 6 month heartworm shot).   I do not advise use of these products.   These are pesticides that are either absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream (Revolution) or injected directly into the bloodstream (ProHeart 6).   There have been several cases of dogs having severe reactions to both products.   If providing a once-a-month heartworm preventative is too much work or responsibility, then perhaps owning a dog is too much responsibility also.

I use a product called Interceptor, however, Heartgard II is also a very good product.






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