Your puppy has a need for chew toys.   If you do not provide him with adequate chewies, he will find his own.   However, if you provide your puppy with chew toys, and he still prefers your shoes or furniture,  correct him and then give him an appropriate chew toy.  It is very important that when you stop your puppy from chewing on something inappropriate,   you provide him with something which is appropriate for him to chew on.  Your puppy will soon learn to only chew on "his" toys.


I recommend Roar-hide bones when giving your puppy something to chew on inside his crate.


If using natural rawhide bones, please make sure that they are large & will not be swallowed whole.    Also, because natural rawhide can get soft and slimy while being chewed on, it is easy for your dog to accidentally swallow a piece and possibly choke.    Therefore, if you use natural rawhide, it should only be while you are around to supervise.



If you choose to provide real bones for your dog to chew on, it is best to use RAW beef knuckle bones.   These will not splinter like smaller or cooked bones.    These bones also provide HOURS of chewing pleasure.     If your pet is not used to raw foods, you may wish to limit the amount of time your pet chews on the bone at first.    It may be too rich for his system, and cause digestive upset.


Other items for chewing pleasure are

(but not limited to)

Greenies Dog Treats

Greenies satisfy your dog's natural desire to chew, while the consistency and the ingredients have been shown to help reduce odors, control dental tartar & plaque, strengthen gums and diminish oral bacteria. Dogs only need to chew Greenies for as long as it takes you to brush your teeth to reap the intended benefits.

Some chew products do contain plastic or other inert materials which are not digestible by dogs. Greenies do not contain any plastic, inert ingredients, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.  The green color in Greenies is from pure chlorophyll, there are no artificial colors or flavors, no sodium chloride and no sugar added!  

Studies have shown that in addition to being completely digestible, feeding Greenies with other foods actually increases digestibility of those foods. This ensures your pet obtains maximum nutrition from his or her diet.  And Greenies will NOT leave grease spots or crumbs on your floor!





Bully Sticks

Yes, they are from 'that' part of the Bull!



Booda Velvets and Bimples

Hard bone-shaped chews in a new Bimple shape with varying knobs to help eliminate plaque and tarter build-up as your dog gnaws on them.

• The same patented revolutionary cornstarch formula as the popular Booda Velvets.
• Alternative to rawhide, rubber or plastic chews, odorless, won’t stain coats or fabrics.
• Dogs gnaw on them for hours, and gnawing action promotes cleaning of teeth and is one of dogs’ most pleasurable pastimes.
• 4 Flavors: Peanut Butter, BBQ Beef, Santa Fe Chicken or Cheeseburger



I personally do not use or recommend non-edible chew toys such as Kong toys, or  Nylabones.    There have been reports of dogs ingesting bits and pieces that they have chewed off, and causing intestinal blockage that can be difficult to diagnose or see on an x-rays due to the material from which these toys are made.








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