these are the lines that I follow when clipping the face make sure you put some tension on the skin as you clip



Move in direction of arrow, keeping the line between the ear & the eye



When clipping under the eye, I move upwards to get the little hairs under the eye



To set the line for the neck, I take the clipper and go down from the ear to the spot on the throat where I want to stop. I don't worry about getting a clean line - I just want to set WHERE it will go back & go back and clean it up.



The line has been set, and now I go back in the direction of the arrows and clean the neck & throat - with the line set from the previous picture, I can stretch the skin and not worry about clipping too wide, as long as I stay within the mark I have set.



To clip the mouth/lip area, stretch the skin towards the ear and then clip in the direction of the nose. Make sure you get that little flew near the canine tooth - it can collect food bits & cause problems and/or odors.



run the clipper down the nose



Setting the line on the other side clean from the ear to the eye





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