A very dirty foot                    I don't clip above this line - where the large pad

                                                                                                 on the back of the foot ends



Scoop out from the large pad towards the toes both sides of the pad



Spread the toes apart



clip from the toes inward towards the large pad



I like to clip a little between the toes from the back side of the foot



The line that you set on the back (at the top of the large pad) is carried over to the front - do not clip above this line - you can also feel the "wrist" bones, and use that for a reference as to where to clip



Clipping the top of the foot



clip the hair that is left between the toes



To show more detail, I took off the vacuum attachment that I usually use - here are a couple pictures of clipping with the vacuum attached. It takes just a little getting used to, but is wonderful. It sucks all the clipped hair right off the dog, and the blades stay cooler because there is air flowing over the blade constantly.


This is what it looks like on the clipper, and you can see the base unit hanging on the wall behind it


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