The vegetable portion of the diet consists of many different fresh fruits and vegetables that may be in season at the time. Lots of leafy green veggies, carrots, green beans, yams, parsley, garlic, apples, bananas, pears - the riper the better. One thing that is NEVER a part of the diet are onions. NEVER feed onions to your dog.

Another item that is not good for dogs are the seeds from apples. The apples are a good part of a veggie mix, just remove the seeds first.

Overall, there is very little preparation necessary with the fruits and vegetables. I add fresh garlic to the vegetable mix, and it is necessary to peel the garlic first.

A very easy way to peel garlic is to "smack" it first. Take something flat and heavy and strike the clove. You will see the papery skin just falls off, and it is easy to then add the garlic to the veggie mix.

Fruits and vegetables need to be processed for dogs to be able to properly digest them. In the wild, many predatory animals obtain their vegetables from the stomach contents of their prey. If the vegetable matter is in the stomach of their prey, the process of breaking down the cellulose fibers has already started, and the predator is then able to finish digesting the material on his own.




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