Because my dogs are eating fresh fruits and vegetables, I aid the breakdown of the cellulose fibers by mechanical means.


I have found a juicer works very well for this part of the food preparation.

I use a centrifuge style juicer with an ejection feature. This means that the juice comes out the spout on one side, and the pulp is deposited into a chamber at the back of the juicer.

When the pulp container starts to get full, I put it into a large mixing bowl. The juice is added back into the mix, and everything is blended together.   The next step is to make individual portions.   You can use muffin tins or ice cube trays to create individual portions.  Shown here are muffin tins sprayed with cooking oil (to make removal easier).  The tins are then placed in the freezer until the mix is frozen solid.  They are then removed from the tins and put into baggies and placed back in the freezer waiting for mealtime.




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