Grooming your new puppy



Poodles require more grooming than most breeds. However, with a little investment in time and training now, it does not have to be an unpleasant chore.

I recommend the use of a table to brush your dog on. It needs to be a sturdy table with a non-slip surface.

Make your puppy lay on his side for brushing. This will require that you place a hand firmly on your puppy to hold him in place. Reassure your puppy that he is being good, and limit your grooming sessions to no more than 15 minutes at a time in the beginning.  Make sure to reward your puppy afterwards, so he will associate grooming with a pleasant treat afterwards.

Soon your puppy will lay down and most likely sleep while being groomed.   My puppies have been groomed every other week from the age of  3 weeks.    I use a 40 blade on the face, feet and tail.

When brushing, use a good quality slicker brush, such as a Warner's. Also, you should have a good comb.  Many people make the mistake of brushing the surface, and not combing all the way through to the skin.  When the puppy goes into the groomer, usually it is matted and the groomer must shave all the hair off.  Most of the time this can be avoided by combing thoroughly after brushing.  I recommend a comb called a Greyhound style comb.  It can be found in most catalogs.


More information on grooming can be found under the Grooming section of this website.







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