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The reputable breeder feels responsibility toward the breed
itself, toward the dogs he breeds and to the people who
have dogs of his breeding. He spends astounding amounts of his time and money on matters he thinks are for the best interests of his breed.

It is this awareness of responsibility that marks the difference between the true breeder and mere "puppy-raiser". The breeder is an artist, motivated by a drive to create perfection; the puppy raisers and the dog dealers are motivated by the desire to make money.

Fortunate is the novice-buyer who purchases his first dog from a reputable breeder! Whereas a puppy-raiser may sell whole litters to dog dealers, the breeder insists on direct contact with those who buy his dogs, and sells only after the most careful screening of a would be purchaser in order to ascertain the mutual suitability of dog and buyer.

While often not fully appreciated until AFTER the dog is bought, this screening by the breeder is the greatest protection a dog purchaser can have.

Though the cost of properly caring for his dogs may cause him sleepless nights and untold worries, the reputable breeder will never let a single puppy or older dog leave for a home that is not as good or better than the one he is providing. Even when the dog is sold, the breeder's help and advice do not end but continue throughout the dog's life, a responsibility cheerfully accepted by him without expectation of compensation.

When selecting a puppy, the reputable breeder will show you a copy of the pedigree and explain why they selected the bloodlines they used. He will allow you to see the puppies and the mother and assist you in selecting the proper puppy to meet your needs.

The Ethical Breeder:
1. Carefully interviews prospective buyers and has specific requirements that prospective owners must meet, such as spaying and neutering pets, housing the dog in an enclosed yard, agreeing to never let the dog off lead in an unenclosed area

2. Sells by contract

3. Sells puppies with a health guarantee

4. Insists upon getting the dog back if the buyer is no longer able to keep the dog

5. Does not have more litters than he can keep well groomed and well socialized

6. Does not have more litters than he can keep housed longterm if he is unable to sell the puppies

7. Spends individual time with each dog under his care every day

8. Tests his breeding stock for known hereditary diseases and then breeds with the aim of decreasing the incidence of hereditary diseases

9. Is very concerned with producing puppies with excellent temperaments as well as health

10. Can identify each puppy and chart it's growth and development from birth onward

11. Is willing to help educate the novice buyer and happily answers any and all questions about his breed and his individual dogs

12. Is willing and able to show the prospective buyer the health certificates and test results on the sire and dam of the puppies

13. Wants to be informed of any health or temperament problems that his puppies develop through out the lifetime of each puppy

14. Is available for help, advice, and education to the buyer through out the life time of the puppy


This information is provided to assist the prospective puppy buyer in identifying a quality breeder. If you wish to obtain further information regarding health testing, interviewing a breeder, finding a breeder, or further educational material please contact:
Versatility in Poodles, Inc., P.O. Box 892, Sheridan, MT 59749