This is my version of a Lamb Trim

Before & After photos:


To start, I clip the body with a 5F - you can go shorter or longer, it all depends upon how short or how plush you want the body to be.

I start by clipping the face, feet, tail & tummy, then with a 5F blade just under the ear, I clip the neck area leaving the back of the neck to be scissored into the topknot.

The arrows show the direction that I clip



I clip the shoulder area just about half way from the top of the shoulder to the point of the elbow - I don't' measure,  I just eyeball it.  The photos should give you a general idea of about where to clip



To set the back edge of the front leg, I clip straight down - not close to the leg, but about where the elbow would be if you measured from the elbow and went up.

From this photo, you can see that by clipping straight down, there is a lot of hair left behind the elbow - this will get scissored later, so that the front leg forms a column and there is not a "hole" behind the elbow. What I am doing in this photo is clipping just under the ribs between the two front legs.



Clipping the rear legs, I look at where I want the "tuck up", and form a nice rounded area up to the top of the hips

This is a view of the front of the dog, showing the direction that I clip, and the approximate areas where I stop on the front legs - (it's even, my lines are crooked!)


This is the roughed in trim, before the bath. I am one of those groomers that prefer to clip a lot of the excess hair off before the bath.


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