There are many different sources of protein available - Pork, Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Rabbit, Fish, Emu, Venison, Turkey - the list goes on and on. Emu is a large bird similar to the Ostrich, and considered a very lean red meat. If you have a dog with a weight problem, or one who has difficulty digesting fats, Emu is a good source of protein with a low fat content.

Chicken is my primary protein source, but I also use pork and beef. I buy most of my meats wholesale from a restaurant supplier. This means that the meat comes in 40 - 50 pound boxes. Sometimes they are fresh packed with ice, and other times they come frozen.


Pictured is a 40 pound box of fresh whole chicken wings. These are packaged as individual serving sizes into baggies. Generally, a serving consists of 1 pound, and in the case of these wings - that means approximately 5 wings per baggie.


My mother took some of the meat and vegetables and made herself a nice big pot of soup for dinner!  I think this speaks for the quality of food I feed my dogs.




Sometimes I am able to obtain more unusual cuts of meats. This trip to the distributor yielded a box of Pig Tails

I have a scale handy when working, so I can make uniform packages. No guesswork when feeding, all baggies are approximately 1 pound each.



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