While it is ideal to allow the dogs to crunch, grind and chew the bones themselves, some dogs prefer their meat ground. I have several that prefer most of their meat and bones ground. They do get large recreational bones, so they do get some of the benefits of chewing bones. Most dogs who have bones to gnaw on, have nice clean teeth that do not require professional cleaning at the veterinarian's office. Also, clean teeth and gums help your dog to maintain good health.



When grinding meat, several tools are necessary. Obviously, a good grinder is essential. However, a good grinder does not need to cost a lot. I have a "Maverick" brand that I purchased for $100. This small grinder is capable of grinding all my chicken needs. It is a little weak for turkey necks and other strong bones, so I use it mostly for chicken or other meats without bones. The hopper that feeds the meat into the grinding mechanism is not large, and therefore, the meat needs to be cut into smaller pieces before grinding. The small hatchet that is pictured, comes in handy to break up blocks of frozen meat. Always use care, as these should be sharp tools to be the most effective.

There are several ways of preparing the meat to fit into the grinder

Please remember that you are working with fresh, raw meats. It is essential that the meat be kept cold. Because I buy up to 120 pounds of meat at a time, I do not have space in my refrigerator to store it while I work. I have found that I can put the meat into a tub, and keep it cold by adding ice - LOTS of ice.




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