The chicken backs come in 40 pound boxes, and I generally will work with one box at a time, keeping the rest well iced. As I chop and cut the backs into grinder size pieces, I put them in my sink and add ice to keep them cool. I have several large bowls that fit under the grinder, and as I fill each bowl, these go into the refrigerator until I am ready to package the meat. Again, when packaged, I use baggies and a scale to make 1 pound packages. Pictured are a couple packages of meat and a baggie of the veggie muffins.

As each box of backs is chopped, ground and packaged, I move it into a large chest freezer.

One of the reasons I use chicken backs as my primary source is that they are inexpensive and contain organ meat. It is important to remember that you need raw meaty BONES as the basis for this diet. If you feed mostly meat and not bones, the balance of calcium and phosphorus will be off, and your dog's health can suffer.  


An average week's feeding consists of 5 days of meat and 2 days of veggies. Since my dogs, like most children, do not always like to eat their veggies, I try to make their veggie meal more appetizing by adding offal (organ meat).

Another option takes a little more time during the preparation stage, but is a very easy for daily feeding.

Take the freshly ground raw meat and the fresh fruit/veggie mix and blend them together before packaging and freezing. The ratio should be 60 - 80% meat and the balance the veggie mix. When first starting out, your dog may not like the veggies, and you can decrease the amount of veggies and as he adjusts, gradually increase until you reach the proper ratio of meat to veggies.



This is very important, so let me say it again. BALANCE OVER TIME  This means that you do not need to obsess about every meal being a complete and balanced meal.   If you are providing everything that your dog needs over the course of a week (or two), that is sufficient.   If you are traveling and are concerned about how to feed your dog, just skip the vegetables.   Most grocery stores will have chicken wings available, and you can purchase food for your dog as you go.   Additionally, for a short period of time, you could feed ground beef from a grocery store.   Balance can be restored when you return home.

If you have done your research and have determined that feeding your dogs raw, natural foods is the right choice for you, but you don't have the time, space or resources to work a plan like I have, there are other options.   There are several companies that specialize in pre-made, pre-mixed raw foods.

Here are a few links to some of the companies that offer pre-made foods.   I am not endorsing any company or brand, I am only providing additional sources of information.

frozen and freeze dried foods

Dr. Billinghurst's brand of packaged raw foods

Homemade for life - all natural pet foods

linking nature's abundance for the health of your pet

raw organic food for healthier dogs and cats

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