Raw Natural Diet

Choosing a diet is a personal matter, and any decisions made regarding what to feed should be based upon your own research. Do not make choices based upon advertising or flashy websites. Do not choose any diet based upon incomplete information. There is a wealth of information available from many sources, please do your homework before deciding what to feed your best friend.

What follows is a glimpse of how I feed raw, natural foods to my poodles. I am not a veterinarian, and am not advocating that anyone feed their dogs in any particular fashion without FIRST doing their own research and making their own decisions.


There are several very good books to read when considering feeding raw.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Dr. Ian Billinghurst

"The Practical Commonsense Way to Feed Dogs For a Long Healthy Life"

Grow Your Pups With Bones

Dr. Ian Billinghurst

"The BARF Programme For Breeding Healthy Dogs And Eliminating Skeletal Disease"

Dr. Billinghurst's BARF Diet

Dr. Ian Billinghurst

"Raw Feeding For Dogs and Cats Using Evolutionary Principles"

these books can be found at Dr. Billinghurst's website:


Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

Kymythy R. Schultze, C.C.N., A.H.I

"The Ultimate Diet"

Raw Meaty Bones

Tom Lonsdale

"Promote Health"

this book can be purchased through Dr. Lonsdale's website:


There are as many ways to prepare a raw diet, as there are people who feed it. What follows is how I prepare food for my canine family.


There is not much that needs to be done prior to preparing your diet, other than making sure your work area is thoroughly cleaned. I have large kitchen countertops and sinks made of a solid surface materials that I scrub using a good cleaner and paper towels. Because I am frequently washing my hands while working, I find it best to have a high quality antibacterial hand soap handy. I especially like the "foaming" style of soap dispensers that are now readily available. Oh, and a very large roll of paper towels is useful.


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