Ch. Ridgewood's Starlite Express

(Ch. Rojean's Love Affair x Ch. Ridgewood's Wish Upon A Star)



                                         Ch Stardust Joker  

                        Ch Cantif's After The Loving  

                                         Ch Cantif's After The Storm  

            Ch Rojean's Love Affair  

                                         Ch Rojean's Fast Eddie  

                        Ch Rojean's Luscious Loron  

                                          Loron's Tall Tales A'wagging  

Ch Ridgewood's Starlight Express  

                                          Torpaz Dark Destroyer  

                        Ch Torpaz Take That  

                                          Torpaz Top That  

            Ch Ridgewood's Wish Upon A Star  

                                         Ch Roundabout's Rhythm of Life  

                        Ch Cantif's This One's For Keeps  

                                         Ch Cantif's Keep On Glowing