Ch. CanTif's This One's For Keeps

(Ch. Roundabout's Rhythm Of Life x Ch. CanTif's Keep On Glowing)


                                          Ch Sirius de Grand Esprit 

                        Ch Donnchada's Big Shot

                                         Ch Donnchada Debutante of Pride  

            Ch Roundabout's Rhythm of Life  

                                         Ch Valhallas In Command  

                         Roundabout's Happy Talk  

                                         Ch Roundabout's Curtain Call  

Ch Cantif's This One's For Keeps  

                                         Ch Syrena Commodore UD 

                        Ch Syrena Cantif Admiral Kirk  

                                          Syrena Onward CD 

            Ch Cantif's Keep On Glowing  

                                         Ch Longleat Alimar Raisin Cane  

                        Ch Storytale Watch Me Glow  

                                         Ch Story Tale Glowing with Pride